Alcatraz: A Very Brief History (English Edition)

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Want to learn more about history, but don’t think you have the time? Think again.

‘Alcatraz: A Very Brief History’ is a concise history of the maximum security prison that housed some of the country’s most dangerous inmates, including such infamous criminals as Al Capone and the «Birdman» Robert Stroud. However, the history of Alcatraz is more varied and interesting than many people might think; its strategically important location in the San Francisco Bay meant that it was an important defensive fort for several decades, and it played a key role in the American Civil War, when it served as a military prison.

The Very Brief History series is intended to give the reader a short, concise account of the most important events in world history. Each book provides the reader with the essential facts concerning a particular event or person; no distractions, just the essential facts, allowing the reader to master the subject in the shortest time possible.

With The Very Brief History series, anyone can become a history expert!

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