Escape from Ghey Heights (English Edition)

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(Paradise Towers meets Escape from Alcatraz)

The residents of Ghey Heights don’t know how long ago the complex was built, or even what year it is, but most of them don’t care. They are content to live out their oddball lives in the rabbit warren of corridors and apartments that make up the complex, with scarcely a thought for whatever may lie outside.

One resident, however – Wald on the 61st floor – has grown sick of the tedium and has arranged to move up to the 68th, where he hopes to begin a new and more fulfilling life. But when he finds 68 to be just as bad as 61, if not worse, he makes an extraordinary resolution: to escape from Ghey Heights altogether.

The complex is surrounded on all sides by a formidable double-layer of metal plating, and the top and bottom ends are both off-limits, for their own particular reasons. To stand any chance of breaking out, Wald will need to ingratiate himself with his new neighbours to obtain information and equipment, but how long will he be able to endure them, and is escape even possible anyway?

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