PIER 33 (English Edition)

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PIER 33 is a tale of family and fate following Michael and Robb Field, two brothers who could not be more unalike. Michael, the eldest, views life with a particularly critical lens. He has always felt like the black sheep of society, wishing nothing more than to break free of the routine that paralyzes the rest of humanity. Robb, on the other hand, is content in all the ways Michael is not. A million-dollar home, promising career and loving family provide the stability that was missing in his youth as the Field family’s adopted son. Upon taking a mutually dreaded trip to tour Alcatraz Island, the two soon find themselves battling much more than life’s daily ups and downs. The former prison is at the core of these new conflicts as Michael is flung back in time, witnessing firsthand many of the historical events and characters that shaped the prison’s infamous reputation. Meanwhile, Robb is left to deal with the consequences following the disappearance of his estranged brother. Is it reality . . . or is it all just a distant dream?

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