SOLOMAGIA Alcatraz Box by Mickael Chatelain (DVD & Blue Gimmick) – Original Item – DVD and Didactis – Trucos Magia y la Magia – Magic Tricks and Props

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Patter of example to introduce the paper in the event of a close-up of benefits:

Do you know what the magicians do to find out if their deck is really the case? Do not you know? They found a solution. Make at least a dozen holes in it. Here’s how you can see if the card has truly at a glance without touching it. Look. We can see through, right? If I take the card out, you can see that too. (Take the papers of the case as you say this.) See, now we are sure there is absolutely nothing inside. Once everything has been explained and understood by your audience, we offer a card trick pointing out that for once does not manipulate anything. One of your spectator freely selects a card from your deck. The signature in its front and back of the paper, if desired. Put the paper somewhere in the deck. Promises are made to be broken! Place the stack back into its housing. Show all sides. Although the deck is in custody, you can see through all the holes. Viewers can also make paper visible in the first position. Keep everything close at hand and count to three. 1.2, 3. And the count of 3 you touch the box on the table, or the hand or the hand of the spectator. In plain sight, your viewer will see the paper chose to skip the first position, even if it was put in the middle of the deck. Completely impossible. The cards are in the case, out of the reach of any manipulation. Slowly remove the bridge from the case. The viewer sees that it is in fact his paper as it is signed. Certainly possible. Let the bridge in question. There’s nothing to see. Absolutely nothing.

Magic Tricks

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